What trumpets can I ask you to record?

I can record Bb trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo, Eb and D trumpets.

If I need more than one trumpet, saxophone or trombone part on one track does it cost extra?

No, the fee is only by track and by how many players you want recording it. However, if you specifically want 2 different trumpet players on one track that will cost extra. For example, if you have one track with 3 trumpet parts and I record them all it costs £80, if you want 3 different trumpet players I can arrange that but it will cost £240. 

Does it cost extra to have horn parts arranged by you?

It costs a small amount extra for me to arrange the horn parts for you, normally it would be £20 per tune but if you've got a few tracks discounts are available. 

How quick is the turn around?

This can vary a little, if you're after just trumpet I normally ask to allow 5 days maximum (as I may be away gigging or have recordings on the go already) but it can be a lot quicker though, with my quickest turn around being 30 minutes! If you're after the full horn section that normally takes up to a week. If you have multiple tracks or need arrangements doing this may take a little longer. For precise turn around for your project please drop me a message!

How does payment work?

Before I start recording we agree on the price. You only pay this when you are happy with the recording. Either bank transfer or PayPal works for me, however please note there is a small processing fee for using PayPal. 

How many alterations do I get

I always aim to send you the recording as you have asked, but sometimes people can change their minds! The first few alterations are included in the price but there does have to be a cut off point, and when this is reached we will have to discuss an additional fee to cover any more alterations. 

What do I need to send you?

The more the better! I will need a guide track in the form of an MP3 or a WAV file as well as a trumpet part if you have one. If you're after a horn section and you don't have horn parts there is a small horn part arranging fee of £20. If you can give me the bpm that would be fantastic! 

Do I own the track?

Yes, once you've paid me for the track it's all yours.

How will I fit your recording to my track?

As long as you send me the complete track from bar 1 beat 1 then it'll be a simple case of click and drag into the project. I record to your track so it always lines up.