If you're interested in getting a trumpet or horn section recorded please get in touch. We will arrange a time to phone or Skype so that we can discuss your music further. Either use the form below or phone me on 07854 455854

Contact Me

Thanks for getting in touch, I'll get back to you asap!

The Process

1) Get in contact and we'll arrange a time to call or Skype to discuss your music. If you don't have a trumpet/horn part already it's great if you have some examples of artists you're inspired by. 

2) Send me an MP3 or WAV of your track as well as the trumpet/horn parts. The more information you can provide (such as bpm) the better!

3) I'll get recording! 

4) I'll send you my recordings. Depending on what you've asked for I may send multiple recordings for you to choose from.

5) If there's anything you'd like to change let me know. If not I will provide you with my bank details or PayPal for payment. Please note there is a small processing fee if using PayPal.